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motor current ratings
enclosure rating defs.

Electrical formulas for calculating Amps, HP, KW and KVA*

Direct Current

Alternating Current
Single Phase
Two Phase Four Wire
Three Phase
HP x 746
E x %EF
HP x 746
E x %EF x PF
HP x 746
E x %EF x PF x 2
HP x 746
E x %EF x PF x 1.73
KW x 1000
E x PF
KW x 1000
E x PF x 2
KW x 1000
E x PF x 1.73
KVA x 1000
E x 1.73
KiloWatts "KW"
E x I
E x I
HorsePower "HP"

E = Volts ::::::::::::::: I = Amps ::::::::::::::: W = Watts

%EF = Percent Efficiency = Output (Watts)/Input (Watts)

PF = Power Factor = Power Used (Watts)/Apparent Power(Watts) = KW/KVA

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